Welcome to FotoPub for Flickr!

This app allows you to very quickly and easily add your photos to multiple Flickr groups.

If you are a Flick user and regularly publish photos to multiple groups, you will agree that adding photos to multiple groups takes a lot of time. This application allows you to select multiple groups and then adds the selected photo to all the selected groups!

Say goodbye to adding photos – one group at a time. A real time saver so you can spend your time taking good photos instead of publishing it on Flickr!.

The application also provides ability to browse group photos. While browsing if you like something you can comment and fav the photos as well. You can configure a custom comment code for group or copy the comment code of a group and save it. If you have not configured any comment code the application creates a beautiful comment code and uses the same giving credit to the group in which you saw the photo. Now never get banned from a group for not appreciating other’s photos and commenting on them.

If you like a photo, see it in large form along with details of the photographer. You can also see recently published photos of the photographer and provide personal comment on them or add them as your favourite photos.